Driving growth through forward-looking, strategic investing.

Principal investing based on robust leadership and data-driven results.

NOVA Equity is a privately-held investment group with a class-agnostic portfolio of holdings ranging from operational construction firms to AI startups.

We adhere diligently to an unconstrained investment philosophy characterized by intensity, velocity, and stamina. These principles have lead to a rigorous track record of success across a multitude of asset classes in a wide range of industries.

We strive to never lose touch with the human story behind every idea and stand by a commitment to seeing our partners grow on their terms.

You will know an investment firm by the company it keeps.

We deploy capital with the highest regard to our principals' growth and generational weatlh.

To uphold these values we handpick our investments and emphasize the importance of managerial agnosticism in robust leadership teams operating on data-driven fundamentals. Our experience has shown that these qualities are reliable indicators of investment viability and longevity.

Leaving management to managers.

We marshal decades of combined investment, management, and operational expertise into what we believe is the most important part of our job – identifying winning teams. Then, we get out of the way.

Our process has been continuously streamlined and refined with a simple goal in mind: letting founders and managers get back to building products and leading teams. As managers ourselves, we understand that a drawn-out and arduous process not only hampers a company's momentum, but also its future prospects.

Adhering to the values of our founding partners, we aim to foster new opportunities into long-term partnerships built on integrity and trust. These cornerstones form the backbone of our ideals and cascade across the full spectrum of our relationships.

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About Us

Today, NOVA’s investors are comprised of sophisticated private individual investors and single-family offices based between Dubai, London, New York, Toronto and Zurich.

Our Approach

We avoid participating in traditional constructs suggesting a dichotomy between ‘winners and losers’. Our experience has shown that success does not arise from binary circumstances, rather a quantum of both measurable and immeasurable factors.