An Equity Firm Built for Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Where We Are From

In late 2014, a small group of like-minded investors formed NOVA. The group’s vision was to consolidate their holdings into a unified portfolio entity that would aim to streamline management, enhance leverage and employ a long-term, multi-stage diversification strategy. In addition, the benefactors sought to broaden their portfolio scope in order to mitigate and diversify against country, class and sector concentration risk.

Today, NOVA’s investors are comprised of sophisticated private individual investors and single-family offices based between Dubai, London, New York, Toronto and Zurich. Their shared commitment to managerial excellence, trust and integrity resonate throughout the entire fabric of the organization and down to the simplest investment decisions.

In sum, our core goals of preserving investor wealth and harnessing sustainable results has grown naturally out of the origin story that we would not exist without today.

Where We Are Going

At NOVA, we share an overwhelming commitment to valuing tomorrow over today. This commitment guides our investment strategy of building a portfolio of assets that operates outside the preconceived constructs of traditional institutional investors. We value stamina over speed, and deploy our investors’ capital expecting the same from the myriad of leadership teams that we work with.

We understand the challenges that tomorrow will bring and guide our investors and partners under a framework we believe will be ready to tackle them. We believe these challenges will require businesses and the managers operating them to be objective and resilient, but also curious and agile. The end result being a firm marked not only by today’s successes, but wholly-capable of thriving in tomorrow’s perplexing landscape.

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Our Approach

We avoid participating in traditional constructs suggesting a dichotomy between ‘winners and losers’. Our experience has shown that success does not arise from binary circumstances, rather a quantum of both measurable and immeasurable factors.

Our Companies

Explore some of the partnerships that have come to define us and built through a mutual pursuit of excellence.