A Robust Investment Philosophy Born from a Challenging Landscape

Patient Investing, Evident Results

We avoid participating in traditional constructs suggesting a dichotomy between ‘winners and losers’. Our experience has shown that success does not arise from binary circumstances, rather a quantum of both measurable and immeasurable factors. We deliberately walk through a rigorous discovery methodology that helps us place new opportunities on a success spectrum that forms only one component of our guided decision-making.


We firmly believe that the process of manifesting an idea into a tangible organization and attempting to make it successful is one of the most difficult tasks any individual can undertake. Each of our principal investors has built, managed and successfully exited companies of their very own. These experiences resonate at the heart of our approach. We support the leaders championing these efforts by putting the full breadth of our resources behind them. In addition, we seek to develop the strengths of the managers we work with in their success journey through executive development, talent management and corporate advisory.


As lifelong learners ourselves, we are constantly refining our investment framework and analytics tools to consider the latest peer-reviewed research and industry-specific insights. These approaches not only help us in our search for new opportunities, assessing market viability and risk assessments - we assist the partners we work with in implementing them alongside other data-driven analytics to enhance decision-making capabilities and inform overall strategy.


We invest in early- to mature-stage companies across a wide range of sectors. Our commitment to diversification entails an approach that is independent of an opportunity’s age or the industry it operates in. We rely on an objective framework to understand each opportunity’s value proposition and employ an in-depth assessment of its fundamentals, leadership and landscape.

Efficiency-Based (Re)structuring

We employ a comprehensive host of corporate, legal and financial advisory expertise into assessing the overall structural health of the companies we work with. Being a crucial, yet often underestimated component of success, we understand that most businesses have been built on an approach that emphasizes speed to market and overlooks structural and corporate governance requirements. We find that companies that have expensed their ongoing activities against these considerations often face considerable restructuring challenges down the line. We work with management teams to structure and restructure corporate fundamentals to promote organizational agility, ownership-/tax-efficiency and an effiency-based operational framework they can depend on when it matters most.

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